About Different Types And Uses Of Whiteboards

Whiteboards consist of white glossy surface used for writing non permanent text by using different colours of board markers. You can remove or erase the text right after writing easily by using board duster or board brush. These whiteboards are widely used all over the world. An education sector cannot grow without the whiteboards.


How and why to choose the right whiteboard?


Choosing a right and a suitable whiteboard is a very important task because a whiteboards in Australia provides your students with a better understanding of your lecture in class.

  • Surface- Whiteboard surface should be flat, glossy and flawless for this purpose and enamel surfaced whiteboards are very suitable which allow you to write text without any problem and effort.


  • Size- the size of any whiteboard id entirely depends on the space where you want to place or hang the whiteboard. If you have to hang it in a big hall than definitely, whiteboard should be in large size and if you have a small space or office cabin the size of the board should be small accordingly.


  • Frame- frame of whiteboard makes it durable and long-lasting. Aluminium frame protects the whiteboard for a long time and makes it durable. 


Common types of whiteboards


Few common types of whiteboards are available in the market to meet customers’ needs and requirement.


  • Revolving whiteboards- These types of whiteboards are available in a portable form. The boards are fixed on a stand made of aluminium and you could revolve the board in its stand. If whiteboard is jointed to the stand by sides then you can revolve it upwards and downwards. On the other hand, if the whiteboard is jointed to it from the top and bottom side of the board then you can revolve it to the right and left sides. These types of whiteboards are used in the training session and in conferences.


  • Wall up whiteboards- These whiteboards are used to hang on the wall and you mostly watch these whiteboards in schools and college.


  • Grid printed whiteboards- These types of d are mostly used for a specific purpose or education like grid printed whiteboards is designed for drawing graphs and charts. These are used for engineering and economic lectures.


  • Foldable conference whiteboards- These whiteboards are made by joining two or three whiteboards panels. These are also portable and mostly used in seminars and in large conferences.




Hance the whiteboards are commonly used all over the world and many suppliers are available to supply whiteboards, you should be careful about choosing the best manufacturer who could provide you durable, long-lasting and heavy-duty product. Ultimate pinboards & Whiteboards Company is providing best whiteboards in the market. We have different standard sizes of whiteboards, although we can also provide you with custom whiteboards if you have your requirement according to your needs and space where you want to hang or place. 

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