How To Choose Short Term Accommodation?

Whenever you are moving to a new place for work and you will be staying for 2-3 months. Then the first question that will pop-up in your mind that where you will live and how much that going to cost you. Especially if you are going to stay for longer at one place then getting hotel room doesn’t seem as smart choice. Because the longer you stay, you are wasting much of your money. This is the reason why people opt for short term accommodation from Surry Hills like one-bedroom apartment, studio apartment etc. This seems to be a more logical choice because as you to stay longer, it will be better to opt something that can function the same as your home. But some factors need to be considered before finalizing short-term accommodation;


When it comes to real estate, the prime factor that matter is location. As location will be the factor that will decide the price, accessibility and popularity of accommodation. For example, if you opt for a location that is far from the city and you get it on a lesser price but now you have to spend a good amount of money on your commutation. There might a chance that your spending on transportation is higher than the savings on rent. Choosing the wrong location can create more problem for you, might be daily necessity items or services are not available nearby. You have to spend time and money to get the necessities. So always try to choose the location, where you can easily move and get all the required facilities in your nearby vicinity.

Book Early

If you know in advance that you are moving to a new location and staying for a while. Then it’s better to book early. The advantage is that you get a better location, accommodation and price. It is better to contact the property owner to confirm your booking, so you will not get any surprise at the time of need. Link here offer a great bedroom that make you feel comfortable.

Check the Facilities

It’s not the only location, but you must also research the facilities that accommodation is offering. The benefit of booking early is that you can get better accommodation with maximum facilities at lower prices. The facilities can range from eateries, shopping options, gym, swimming pool etc. As you are staying for long, so it is better that you should have some facilities at your disposal otherwise your stay may become monotonous or boring. The facilities may add some factor to cost but adding a bit luxury with minimal cost is a smart move


Always get a clear picture of pricing and pricing mechanisms. Because there might be hidden cost or taxes that may add to the final price. It is better to know all the cost in advance otherwise it can go well over your budget. It is better to contact the property owner and get a cost breakdown for your stay.

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