Stay, Sip & Stare

Travelling here and there and looking for a spot to sit and relax? A place where you will come after the whole day travelling and tiresome driving. Won’t you look for a place that looks aesthetic and offer you peace, a vibrant look and basic facilities? To solve this issue Barnsdall Motels offer advanced, premium and luxurious accommodations. All the services will be offered as per you requested. We are pleased to offer and announce all the amenities here so one could come and enjoy the perks.


It’s all associated with staying at a place. A place where you can sit, stand, sleep, eat, stretch and relax. Now talking about the prime amenities of the Motel, it’s offered here. We established us in 2008, and since the beginning, our quality was our identity. We never had compromised over it. We accommodate all the guests and since now have a history of a huge list. Link here is a perfect place for an outstanding accommodation and can give an ideal place to stay.

Let us welcome you warmly with our old-fashioned way to all the leisure travellers.

The Prime Amenities

 We offer a range of services like internet and connectivity services. Staying there will connect you anywhere on Earth. No issue of connectivity and band length isn’t compromised.

 The best big screen displays and movie nights are the best features where you can sit and watch anything on the bigger screen.

 The eating facility is so good. Relax and eat as much as you want. We have a variety of services and a whole range of food to offer.

 The queen-sized beds accommodate us better. Well furnished, cosy, relaxing, and complimentary yet promising rooms are our best facility.

 We have a mini gym to go and do your workout and not to miss your routine.

 The aesthetic spa hub to sit and enjoy the perks of stay with premium services.

 Air-conditioned rooms with full lush facilities, and the other facilities like kitchen and laundry, ironing is also provided.

Pre-BookingBook your room in advance, as the place is always crowded or might be allocated anyone on urgent basis. We offer all these services if you have booked a space. Call us today and let us tell you how best the services are. Book your room and let us serve you with chief amenities.

Our 4-star moral adjacent to Hillside. The best view with the best services is all you are after. All the above-mentioned facilities give us a big hit and the privilege to be considered by you. This is your stop, to stay here. We love to help an offer you services to a place where better facilities might be a dream.  Just get in touch in advance and later us.

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