Why Tiles Are Better Than Any Other Type Of Roofing?

Everyone loves to decorate home and use different techniques to make it look beautiful and high strength. One of the things that makes a building look beautiful are the roof tiles in Perth, mostly they are red in colour but with the change in people likings, we see more variety in the colours of these tiles. They are not like the tiles we use in the other parts of our home; they are totally different as people use them mostly for the purpose of water-resistance. Some special types of tiles are also used that can withstand the temperature change because in Australia, weather is now changing. Hence, people compare different types of roofing and select the best one according to their need and requirement.

Alternative to tiles for roof

People in Australia also use roof slates as an alternative of tiles, these are fine grained made of clay and mostly have a dark grey or black colour. Their drawback is their high cost as compared to the tiles as their installation needs more effort and time but they last for a longer period of time as compared to the tiles used for roofing. Installation of roofing might be very expensive for you so have to choose the right option if you are concerned about the total cost of the product. Furthermore, the material of the tiles also varies in price when you compare concrete and clay tiles. Material selection is important because you might not be able to repair the broken tiles effectively but now with modern methods, some companies also provide repairing services in Australia.

Apart from the beautiful outlook, the main reason why people use tiles on their roofs is to keep out rain. As compare to the other roofing materials, the tiles provide more resistance to weather changing extremes. They are also considered as fire proof which makes it the first choice in the areas where there is a risk of fire. Also, they resist damage occurred due to the earthquakes, rain and hurricanes. Their beautiful look adds to the resale value of the home because it shows how strong and high strength is the roof of home.

Drawbacks associated with tiles

Roof made of tiles is considered to be brittle hence they might need structural reinforcement during their installation. The problem is its maintenance because the repairing companies might charge you a lot and if you have already spent a lot of money on the installation the whole thing might be very expensive for you. Also in the areas, where there is hot weather, these tiles can make the house warmer which is never ideal in the summers. Hence, you have to take care of all the perspective before making a decision.

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